Keen 1957

Keen Plumbing was founded in 1923 by Larry Leslie Keen and Matthew Livingston Keen. After a short prosperous period in the "Roaring 20's", Keen Plumbing barely survived the Great Depression and WWII. Shortly after the war, business began to pick back up. The company fleet at this point consisted of a 1936 Dodge pick-up and a "Model A" Ford truck along with 2-3 employees.

In 1948, Mr. L.L. Keen's daughter married a young man named Roger P. Casey. Mr. Casey took over the business for Mr. Keen when he became sick and disabled in 1950. At this time they weren't really any plumbing supply wholesalers in Goldsboro, so Keen Plumbing purchased parts and supplies, had them trucked in, and sold them to smaller plumbers in the area. Throughout the 1950's business reached and exceeded the success levels seen in the 1920's.

By 1966, Keen Plumbing had outgrown it's small "backyard" office and a new office was established at 1209 US 117 Bypass South. The company had 10 trucks and about 15-20 employees. In the mid 1980's Roger Casey's son, Roger Casey Jr. quit his job with AT&T and joined Keen Plumbing to take the company in a new direction. While still doing residential plumbing, Roger Jr. brought in large commercial plumbing work and utility work as well. Estimators and construction crews were hired and the company retrained its focus on construction, including larger hospital jobs with med-gas applications.

A new construction office / warehouse was built in 1999 to accomodate the new construction division and the work force continued to expand. Today, Keen Plumbing has approximately 65 employees between the two divisions, a full office staff, 5 estimators, and a fleet of vehicles / construction equipment.